Monday, September 27, 2010

Coping with Anxiety

With recession hitting us from all angles it's disturbing to read and hear about the number of people suffering from depression, anxiety and panic attacks. Some of my closest friends over the past year have suffered greatly from these and the sheer toll it has taken on their lives is horrific to say the least. Because of this I started doing a lot of research on the internet about the best ways to deal with this, obviously there is no outright cure for all these and anyone that tells you different is full of it.

However, what I have discovered is that with the right tools you can manage and limit the anxiety and panic attacks so that they cause minimal disruption to you daily life. I could recommend some really expensive programs etc, but with recession looming in everyone's life....that's just plain crazy. So instead I found one really good inexpensive book and passed it around to my friends for evaluation as well as reading it myself. The book is very pratical and covers anxiety, panic attacks and phobias. It also delves into nutrition, medication and coping with panic/anxiety. So with all that being said here is the book. I hope that it helps you as much as it has helped my own friends and given me a better undestanding of this condition. I really hope this makes A Brighter U.

Anxiety and Phobia Workbook

Internet Safety

Well this is my first official review. My aim in all my reviews going foward is to make them as simple as possible and not full of technical jargon that no-one understands. I hope you like them and feel free to provide feedback on anything you read.

When you have kids this is something that we al have to think about. I did a lot of research into this, comparing antivirus and firewall applications. All the top brand names such as McAfee, Norton etc got a looking, but the one that seemed to catch my attention for ease of use and overall dafety was the Bitdefender Total Security 2011. If you are looking into purchasing Internet Safety software, I would recommend this product.

It's easy to use, informative and has very good parental controls that allow you to block bad sites and see where your kids are travelling to on the internet. I have personally been using this software for the past three years and love it. It's not too expensive on the pocket either and you can protect multiple PC's with it. So there it is my first "official review".

More information on Bit Defender can be found at

Thanks for reading !!

A Brighter U

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Welcome to A Brighter U Blog

Well this is my first time far so good, I've managed to create a blog with some ease. What will I be blogging about? The short answer is everything and anything....but mainly health, fitness and other nice things.. Stay tuned...someday I may actually post something useful !!! LOL :-)