Friday, October 22, 2010

It's getting close to that most wonderful time of the year..

Well it seems that christmas is just around the corner or so everyone tells me and the word in the air is recession. This it seems is the new buzz word of the masses. Along with this everyone (including myself) is tightening the spending and get more for their buck where possible.

I believe that this christmas for me and my family is going to be much different. I have become very conscience of our spending habits and want to keep it that way as I do not trust banks and governments to safeguard my families future anymore. That is the job of you and me. Over the past few weeks I have spent a lot of time searching the internet, looking for good sites with keen pricing as I refuse to get ripped off as we all have in the past when things were good. Is'nt it amazing how fast retail stores can reduce their prices when nobody is buying..why could they not do this before? The answer is all about profit margins etc.

Between now and christmas I will be posting any good web sites I find here on my blog. So feel free to have a look and I hope it helps some of you in some small way. I've posted one of the links here on the page Half Price Perfumes , some great deals there so check it out. Also keep checking my twitter posts as I tend to post a lot of good links to web sites there as well as the funny stuff too. Well, we have to keep our sense of humour going too !!!!

Wiahing you all the best everyday !

A Brighter U

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